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I got interested in computers in the mid-70s before they became mainstream, and designed my first at age 15 using TTL chips from Radio Shack. Over the years I've learned and used about 20 programming languages including 8080/Z80/8051 assembly, multiple dialects of BASIC, C, VB, Prolog, Access, Paradox; and in the web age - html, PHP, Perl, Javascript, SQL, bla bla bla.


Intel MDS888 Development System

I'm restoring, preserving and documenting an Intel Intellec MDS888 Development System (AKA MDS800) built in 1977. I got it from an electronics company in California in 2017. I worked on systems like this at Noakes Data Communications in Irving Texas between 1977 and 1980 where we manufactured 8080-based industrial computers.

How to do Kermit transfer on an MDS800.

Read the story of ISIS-II Operating system by Ken Burgett.


OSIRIS Operating System Archive

OSIRIS appears to be a 3rd-party version of Intel's ISIS-II operating system that is hard-disk-capable. It runs on Intel's Intellec MDS800/MDS888 development system. This page documents OSIRIS complete with archives of the files.



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