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Peeking Robot


I've been building robots ever since I was knee-high to a
solenoid. In 1987 I started Arrick Robotics to pursue this
fascination professionally. You'll also find info about my
hobby robot projects, about the DPRG, and my book.
Patchable Analog Modular Music Synthesizers


Electronic music and the machines that make it have
interested me since the Moog heydays. In the late 90's I
began designing and building my own systems for resale.
My vintage collection and some other projects are shown too.
genealogy research for Arrick Orrick Arick Orick

Genealogy & DNA Studies

The main effort of my genealogy research is to prove the
connection between Orrick, Orick, Arrick, Arick families in
the U.S. and the Orrock/Ourouck immigrants who came from
Scotland to Maryland around 1650.
Rogers drum gadgets, tutorials tube toms

Roger's Drum Lab

My life-long pursuit of fancy drum riffs and a never-ending
quest for the perfect drum kit are explained in excruciating
detail. You'll also find some of my drum-related inventions,
the very popular Tube-Tom project, and a few tutorials.
rescued retired racing greyhounds
Peeking Greyhound


Zero to 45 mph in 3 strides, a calm disposition, and a loyal
heart of gold are traits of this beautiful breed. We've now
adopted a total of 3 retired racing greyhounds and given them
the home, warm bed and freedom they deserve.

Computer Hardware & Software

Ever since my first Intel 8080 chip in 1975, I've used computers
for tinkering and to make a living. Here you'll find wire-wrapped
circuits, software projects, web creations, and my famous
Slash-Dotted computer chair.
construction projects

Construction Zone

I can't totally explain why I'm driven to build things but it
permeates my being and directs much of my life. And I'm not
happy paying someone else to do it wrong, so calluses are my
friend and power tools are my drug of choice.
OSA obstructive sleep apnea MMA blog Stanford

Sleep & Apnea

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns - here's a look at
one of mine. Never take your sleep for granted or underestimate
its value - it affects every system in our body.
Sleep, the mandatory luxury.

Junk Drawer

This is my web junk-drawer of various projects, photo essays,
and writings. Here you'll find the bizarre, the beautiful and
the curious - and finish with a question, inspiration, or possibly
an itch that eludes scratching.
I admit to being completely out of room at this point...