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Sleep & Apnea

Welcome to my sleep and apnea-related projects page. In 2000, I began having strange sleep problems. It took a lot of effort and research to figure out it was apnea and how to get it fixed. I ultimately ended up having surgery to enlarge my airway. In the process, I meet a lot of people with the same condition and developed many new friends. I also meet some interesting doctors, learned what makes a good doctor, and learned to appreciate a good insurance company. In the process, I documented my surgery and a meetup.
Roger's MMA Sleep Apnea Surgery

Roger's MMA Sleep Apnea Surgery

After several years of CPAP, small surgeries, and getting worse, I decided to have MMA/BiMax surgery to enlarge my airway. It's tough but well worth it. This blog describes my surgery experience, recovery, and some suggestions for those considering it.
Sleep Surgery Support Society Meetup

Sleep Surgery Support Society
Meetups - Sunnyvale CA

Many who have gone through surgery for sleep apnea are users of the Sleepnet.com forums. Over the years friendships have developed and the result is an annual meetup in Northern California.
Blue LED Hat Project

Blue LED Hat Project

According to recent studies, our sleep schedules can be controlled somewhat by exposure to blue-shifted light. Check out my Blue LED Hat project which offers a convenient way to get the blue light you need, fight the daytime sleepies, and conk out easier at night. It's just for fun.
Sleep Apnea Links

Sleep and Apnea Links

SleepNet.com   Forums for sleep disorders
SleepSurgery.com   Dr. Nelson Powell
Zip-n-Squeeze.com   Soft food delivery system
Study   MMA surgery outcomes
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