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The Blue Synthesizer

10 May 2023

Blue Synthesizer Roger Arrick Click images for larger view

This custom 30-space blue modular synthesizer was built by Roger Arrick in 2012.

History of the Blue Modular Synthesizer

Somewhere around 2006 I had 3 10-space walnut cabinets built to consider as part of the product offering. Two 10-space cabinets would fit nicely on top of a 22-space walnut cabinet. But I decided not to do that and the 3 cabinets sat in my office empty for many years.

Around 2010 I decided to make use of the cabinets to build another custom colored synthesizer. I had to pull panels from production for each batch of modules and spray paint them before they got screen printed. This process took more than a year.

The modules are all standard but the configuration is my own selection. It has 4 VCOs, 3 EGs, 2 VCA, 1 VCF and most anything else a system needs. All of the LEDs are blue instead of red. The panels on the back are black.

The Blue syntheizer was finished in 2012 and adorned my office in Tyler for many years. It's now in my studio.

Component List:

1) Q101 Power Control (black on back)
1) Q102 AC Power Interface (black on back)
3) Q103 DC Power Interface (black on back)
1) Q104 MIDI Interface
4) Q106 Oscillators (VCO)
1) Q107 State Variable Filter (VCF)
2) Q108 Amplifiers (VCA)
3) Q109 Envelope Generators (EG)
1) Q110 Noise
1) Q112 Mixer
1) Q115 Reverb
1) Q116 Ring Modulator
1) Q117 Sample/Hold
1) Q118 Instrument Interface
1) Q120 Connector Interface
1) Q124 Multiple
1) Q125 Signal Processor
1) Q130 Clipper/Rectifier
1) Q131 Single Wide Blank 
1) Q131 Single Wide Blank (black on back)
2) Q138 Single Wide Logo panel
1) Q142 Pedal Interface
1) Q147 Distributor
1) QPS1 Power Supply
3) QDH10 Power Harness
3) QCS10 10-Space Walnut Cabinet
2) DC Cabinet Interconnect Cables

Picture Gallery

Blue Synthesizer Blue Synthesizer
Blue Synthesizer


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