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Craft Style Light Fixture

3 May 2023

Craft Style Light Fixture Click images for larger view

I built these craft-style light fixtures out of red oak for my home office. They utilize a standard globe and electrical components easily found at Home Depot or Lowes.


This whole assembly is built with 1x (3/4") red oak.
The base is 5.5" x 11".
I used the saw to cut some decrative slots.
Brass screws are used to attach it to the wall.

The electrical is a standard 110V bulb base with a 40w G16.5 bulb. I used electrical grade caulk to insulate from the exposed wiring.

The globe is 6" diameter and readily available. It simply sits in the holder, no clamp or anything.

These lamps connect to a larger ceiling treatment I built, mostly made from left-over material from a bookshelf build.


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