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Aa artist I am not, but I do often sketch things I'm building. I have many notebooks with technical drawings of robots, synthesizers, etc. The drawings here however were done mostly for fun. Many of them are from school days decades ago, but a few are modern.

Drawing does not come natural to me. I have to work and concentrate, and I don't consider it enjoyable. That might be the reason I can never keep interest long enough to finish. Maybe one of these days I will take the time to just sit and draw, and try to improve.

These are mostly in date order, starting at around 3rd grade.

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Stick Invasion

2023. I dreamed that Earth was invaded by sticks. They were about 4' long and dark grey. They found people and hovered near them for some unknown reason, sometimes animals too. The sticks went through the streets and cities in the form of a giant ring of stick chaos and made a terrible noise as they flew by hunting for someone to attach to. I made a safe space in the attic on a giant red rug that was like long shag carpet, I just stayed up there and read comic books to keep from getting a stick. Eventually people went on with their lives with their sticks hovering nearby. The dream didn't last long enough to explain what the end game was.

Lake Scape

This one was done in ink. Probbly age 15 or so.


I drew this somewhere around age 10. I used a plastic template that had all of the various laboratory glassware items. I drew dozens of these and still have many.

Command Center

This is probably around age 10. I don't remember what it was suppose to be - some sort of computer thingy.

Launch Button

This is a sketch of a rocket launch control panel I did when I was around 10-12 years old.

Far Reaches

I remember drawing a bunch of these UFOs in different styles in Jr High.

Synthesizer Idea

In the mid-70's I got really interested in synthesizers and it inspired this drawings and others. Around age 15-16.


Incomplete Dream

This came from a dream. I can never capture them perfectly, even if I would stay put long enough to finish them. Probably age 16-18.

Lost Cause

Here's another drawing with the typical "unfinished" feature.

Sky Blade

This is a pencil version of Frank Frazetta's Bloodstone painting. I was around 15 or so when I did this.

Knife Top

This is a pencil version of Frank Frazetta's Tanar of Pelucidar painting. Age 15-ish. The legs are clearly too long and the tricep doesn't continue down far enough.

Dragon Fall

Yet another attempt at a pencil sketch inspired by Frank Frazetta.

Planet Peak

I think this might have been inspired by a sci-fi book cover. Age 15-ish.

Bird Girl

Typical high-school era drawing. This one is in a frame and too big to scan, so I took a photo.

Dream House

Back in the mid 80's I had a vivid dream of a house and got up and did a rough sketch to remember it by. It looks remarkably similar to the house we moved into in 2004 in Tyler.

Ball City

I don't have a clue why my brain dreamed this up. It's modern - 2005-ish.


Ideas for a micro-house design I'm working on.

Lost in BotLand

Something I did when TV commercials irritated me enough to turn it off.

Drum Thinking

This is a typical technical rough sketch I do.

Kitchen Remodel

I drew this to help Margo visualize what the kitchen cabinets were going to look like.


I designed some robots in the 90s and found this in my notebooks.


Task Robot

This is a sketch I made of a robot design based on a forklift I saw. The project name was 'Task'. Eventually this lead to the Trilobot Robot.


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