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Drum Head Logo Removal

29 Apr 2023

Drum Head Logo Removal Click images for larger view

Here's how I remove drum head logos. I'm not saying you should, that's up to you, but this is what works for me.

Removing Drum Head Logos

I usually remove the logos on my drum heads because I just think it looks better and I don't like them in different positions on each drum. This has worked on most drumheads I've tried but some are harder than others. It's worked on clear and ebony heads, and on ebony Remo pinstripes but not with the stripe itself. Check out the video above and see me remove the logos on my RotoZilla kit and on a random ebony head.

Acetone is the solvent that works best for me. Others might work also. Acetone is readily available at the grocery store and commonly used as a nail polish remover. I definitely wouldn't use lacquer thinner because it's strong and I've seen it melt plastic. Rubbing alcohol has never worked for me.


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