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DIY Drum Table

27 Apr 2023

DIY Drum Table by Roger Arrick Click images for larger view

When I sit down to drum there needs to be a place to put my phone, my ear plugs, my drum key, my glasses, my Almond Joy. Usually they end up on a floor tom or a timbale and ultimately get smashed with some unexpected quarter notes. Here's my solution to that - a small drum table.


This project shows how to mount the table to a RotoTom track but you can change the bolt portion to attach it to a normal drum rod clamp by simply cutting off the 3/8 screw, or by using a 3/8-16 threaded coupling to fit into a cymbal clamp.


These parts are available at regular stores or online - nothing special.

DIY Drum Table by Roger Arrick

Glue the Nut to the Pan

Mix up equal parts of 2-part epoxy, about a table-spoon amount. It has to be good epoxy or super strong glue, most regular glues won't work.

Scuff the bottom of the pan, in the center, with coarse sand-paper (80 grit or so) to make the glue adhere better.

Stir the epoxy with a nail or something disposable. You only have a few minutes to work.

Put the glue on the pan in the center where you sanded it. Now place the nut on the glue, press down, and turn a bit. It's best if some of the glue comes up inside the nut and grabs ahold of at least one thread. But you don't want the threads full because you'll need those to grab the bolt. The epoxy says "Dries in 5 minutes" but don't believe it, let it sit overnight.


Wash your hands then clean up the pan with alcohol, then wash your hands again. Use a decent paint, here's what I used. Paint the bottom first, let it dry for a few hours, then paint the rest. Start with a light coat, let it sit for a few minuites, then a heavier coat. Several thin coats are better than a thick coat. Let the whole thing cure overnight. Use a respirator, don't breath spray paint, ever.

DIY Drum Table by Roger Arrick


When everything's dry you're ready to deal with the bolt and hardware. These instructions are for mounting the drum table to a RotoTom Track. Start by sliding a flat-washer on to the bolt, then a lock-washer, then screw on a nut to the carriage bolt - those will attach the bolt to the RotoTom track. Then put on another nut, lock-washer, then a flat-washer - this clamps the table to the bolt.

Screw the bolt onto the nut on the bottom of the table, just until it touches the glue, that's all. Now tighten down the nut/lock-washer/flat-washer against the nut that's glued to the table. You want it fairly tight - use a wrench on the table-nut as well as the bolt-nut.

Here is a picture showing how the nuts and washer go together up at the table, and here I used a RotoTom handle instead of a nut. The 3/8-16 threads work with all of the handles I've seen.

DIY Drum Table by Roger Arrick

The 3/8" bolt is very close to the same diameter as a typical mounting rod used on a drum set to hold toms or cowbells. If you want to attach to that instead of a RotoTom track, cut the head off of the carriage bolt, or use all-thread. A hacksaw cuts the bolt easily, use a vice, and do it before the bolt is attached to the table. Use a file to sand off any sharp spots. That should fit into most tom mounts and many typical drum clamp systems.

If you need a bigger diameter than the bolt, use a 3/8-16 threaded rod coupling which is basically a long nut. They are usually about 1.5" long. Use 2 if you need longer. That will give you a bigger diameter that will fit on some cymbal stands.

DIY Drum Table by Roger Arrick


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