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Retired Racing Greyhounds

26 Apr 2023

Retired Racing Greyhounds Roger Arrick Click images for larger view

GGreyhounds are amazing. They are sprinters and some can go over 40 mph. They have a calm demeanor, are fairly smart, and are loyal to their caregivers. Greyhounds come in all colors - white, black, fawn, brindle, gray, etc. They go WAY back too. Greyhounds weigh in at around 70lbs, have short hair, and are usually good with kids. They often don't do well with cats though, and can sometimes even catch a fleeing squirrel. Greyhounds are especially thankful for a yard to run in even though they only do it once a day for about 15 seconds. The rest of their time is spent sleeping and eating.

Over the years, we've adopted 5 retired racing greyhounds and given them the home, warm bed and freedom they deserve. Consider adopting or fostering a retired greyhound. See the links section below for more information.

Our Greyhounds

Juno -- 2006-2016

We adopted Juno in July 2013. A beautiful lemon brindle. Her name was Cloud and Mookie. She was considered senior like most of the others. Juno's birthdate was 10/21/2006 and she passed passed in my arms 20 Nov 2016.

Juno posed for this picture as I was calling her to go outside for a walk - she was uncertain. I made this poster.

Retired Racing Greyhounds Roger Arrick

GG -- 2001-2013

GG's original name was Solas Maryanne, but since she was so silly, I named her GG for Goofy Girl when we got her in 2005. She is very smart and affectionate. She rubs up against people like a cat and will roll onto her back for a belly rub on command. Her ear mark was 99793 and her birthday was 29 Dec 2001. Her pedigree says Mankato and Clamshell was the parents. Watch this movie of GG jumping up and down 4 stairs. When GG wants in, she comes to my window to tell me.

Retired Racing Greyhounds Roger Arrick

MIDI -- 1996-2005

MIDI's original name was Deb Sol Bullseye. Sire was Tain Solas and Dam Flying Rosewood. Ear Mark 54495. We adopted him in 2000 in Colleyville TX and he made the move to Tyler with us in 2004.

Retired Racing Greyhounds Roger Arrick

Lori -- 1988-2000

Our first greyhound Stonewillow Lori was found wandering in Venus Texas in 1996, starving. Surprise, she was pregnant and soon gave birth to 7 pups. Lori got along great with our dalmation and enjoyed her new home, large back yard, cozy bed, and plenty to eat.

Retired Racing Greyhounds Roger Arrick


Sez was a foster we tried but wern't able to keep. We became attached to her in spite of the challenges. She is calm, very curious, loves humans, and gets along with other greyhounds nicely. We will miss her.

Retired Racing Greyhounds Roger Arrick

Katarina -- 2010-2020?

Katarina was our last adopted greyhound. She use to roll in poo, they all have different personalities :) We gave her up in 2019 when our fence on the east side had to be removed to remodel our barn. Because of ditches and the land it was going to be difficult to make a fence seal off. Our property is big and the fence and gate are a problem, and with a busy road nearby it's not safe. We heard later she passed. It seems their average life is about 10 years.

Retired Racing Greyhounds Roger Arrick


Doggie Mansions

Greyhounds aren't much for dog houses, they stay inside mostly, but excess building materials drive me crazy and the result was a pair of massive dog houses built from scraps. Margo applied her painting magic and presto! They're big enough for a large greyhound or a mischievous husband.

Retired Racing Greyhounds Roger Arrick

Doggie Cabinets

Our side entry has cabinets lining the wall, but they're no ordinary cabinets. Actually, they're comfy doggy beds. During the day they close up and look nice, during the night they transform into sleeping quarters for our furry friends. Click on the icon to see more.

Retired Racing Greyhounds Roger Arrick

Doggie Food

Here is my method of getting 6# of great food for $8 (2018 prices).

.8# of ground beef browned: $2.57
6 eggs boiled: $1.10
Can of salmon: $2.49
Can of mixed veg: $.79
2 sweet potatos microwaved: $1.16
Retired Racing Greyhound food


CSI: Happy Tail

Greyhounds have long tails that can swing so hard they'll put a big bruise on your leg. They also have very thin skin and this can lead to happy tail. Happy tail is the term used to describe a wound on a greyhound's tail typically caused by them flinging it back and forth while excited. The result can look like crime scene.

Retired Racing Greyhounds Roger Arrick



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