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Shelby GT-C 2008

15 Sep 2023

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What is a 2008 Shelby GT-C

A 2008 Shelby GT-C is not a Shelby GT, it's not a GT-500, and it's not a California Special - it's a very special low-production (only 215) Shelby made only in 2008 for the southern California dealers and offered only in Grabber Orange with silver stripes.

Shelby GTC 2008 Roger Arrick

Facts about the 2008 Shelby GT-C

The Shelby factory added these things

Shelby GTC 2008 Roger Arrick

Quirks and things to know about the GT-C

What does a Shelby GT-C look like from space?

Are GT-C visors really signed by Carroll Shelby?

2008 GT-C cars include a visor said to be signed by Carroll Shelby himself. Some have suggested these are signed by a machine. A quick survey on the Facebook GTC group shows that they vary enough to exclude machine signing.

Recently this has been confirmed by SM who says: 'Carroll signed all of the passenger visors himself. It was in September of 2007. He actually sat at a card table and signed all 215 visors. That was the only Shelby GT series he did that for before they left Shelby Automobiles, Inc. Carroll actually kept in reserve the numbers 08SGT0001 and 08SGT0002. Those numbers were never used.'

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The Color

Street-View Win!

In June 2023 I passed the Google street-view car. In July I remembered and went to look to see if they updated and THERE IT IS!

Shelby GTC 2008 Roger Arrick

Can a GT-C live in harmony? YES

Shelby GTC 2008 Roger Arrick

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Shelby GTC 2008 Roger Arrick


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