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1974 Mercedes 280C W114

28 Apr 2023

1974 Mercedes 280C W114 Click images for larger view

I've had this 280C since 2018. I bought it online and had it shipped from California to Texas. There was one like it at an dealer in Arlington TX in 1980 but I was turned down for the loan. It's a dream car and the color and styling is amazing. Here's a little bit about it.

About the Mercedes 280C W114

The 280C is a 2-door coupe with a 2.8L straight-6 M110 motor and dual-overhead-cam. The model code is W114 which is part of the /8 (Strichact) product line made from 1968-1975. Most of the units were 4-door sedans, but this is the 2-door coupe version which is much rarer. For '73 there were some changes to the grill to make it more sleek.

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From what I can tell, less than 5000 of these W114.073 were made in 1974. There are others in this body style over the years that are 280CE (E=fuel injection) and 250C with the smaller motor. From 1969 to 1976 about 67,000 coupes were made, and about 1,850,000 sedans. About 25,000 280C and 280CE were made, and about 42,000 250C and 250CE.


This car does not have the sunroof.
It does not have factory 4 speaker system.
It has AC. It has automatic transmission (426). Color is Aqua Blue (917C?).


This car has the large, bulky US bumpers to meet new safety regulations. The european bumpers were low-profile.


Here are images of the motor number, the VIN, and the data plate



This car is suppose to have a Solex 4A1 carburator, but mine had been replaced with a Weber, and I replaced it again with a Weber 38DGAS. The electric choke was wired wrong.


Undercarriage and Engine Compartment Pictures

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