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Low-Cost DIY Parts Paint Booth

Paint Booth

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Painting parts requires a clean space and getting overspray on nearby items is always a problem. Having a dedicated place to paint that will adapt to any size part is very nice. Here's a paint booth I made in an afternoon using cheap supplies from Home Depot, and it doesn't require any fancy tools to make. I keep the booth in the back yard so it doesn't take up space in the garage, and it will fold up flat if needed. Another great thing about this design is that it keeps out dust pretty good while the part is drying. The booth has a sliding/removable shelf to accept both small parts, and larger parts that can be hung from the top bar. I've also included a lazy susan on the shelf to spin parts as I paint. This is SO much nicer than just spraying on a table in the garage.

When you spray paint, don't breathe the fumes. If you can smell it, you're breathing it. Don't rely on those little paper masks either, they do nothing. Use a decent respirator with filters. They're about $30 at Home Depot. You'll look like a dork, but your airway and brain cells will thank you!

If you value your eyes as much as your airway and brain cells, consider using eye protection too. Paint flies everywhere. This is especially important if you wear contacts, and it will add to the dork-effect quite nicely.



Here are the parts needed: (Home Depot Prices 2010)
6) 10' 3/4" PVC - $1.65/ea
14) Tee 3/4" PVC - $.40/ea
8) Elbow 3/4" PVC - $.40
1) Plastic Sheeting 10' x 25', 3.5mil - $10
1) Roll of 2" packaging tape - $3
1) Lazy Susan bearing - $10
Total: $48.


Cut PVC Pipe

Cut the PVC pipe to these lengths:

5) 36" - Horizontal pieces left-to-right
12) 32" - Vertical pieces and middle horizontal piece
4) 15" - Top horizontal pieces
8) 3" - Connections


Build the Frame

Here's the frame put together. Just PVC fittings pushed on tight, no need to glue. Build the 2 sides flat on the ground, then stand them up and connect with the 36" horizontal pieces. It's like building with Tinker Toys.


Wrap the Plastic

Gather your gift-wrapping skills first. Layout the plastic (beware of dogs)! Then start wraping on the side bottom. Roll it around back. Cut when you get to the front and tape. Stand it up and wrap around bottom, back and front. Let it Hang off the front. Tape the seams like a gift package. On front, wrap in a left-over piece of PVC as a weight. This weight will keep the front from flapping around.


Removable, Sliding Shelf

An important feature is the shelf. It slides on the side rails and can be removed to hang large pieces from the top. Cut a piece of 3/8" plywood to 39" x 12". You can use other material such as MDF or even a wire shelf. Cut and attach a small strip of trim stock or other material on each edge to allow the shelf to slide without falling off.

lazy susan

Lazy Susan

Attaching a lazy suzan bearing on the shelf makes it real convenient to turn items as you paint them. Never grap a sticky part to move it again!



Remove the shelf and use coat-hanger or any other strong wire to hang large parts. This is going to be real nice to do the grill and other long parts.

paint booth

All Done

This booth is super light-weight. One person can pick it up with one hand and move it to whereever you need. Just remove the horizontal bars and the whole thing will fold down flat!

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