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Lucy Mauch

6 June 2023

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Lucy was Harold's wife and co-founder of Percom Data. She handled the finances and general company management.


The picture above is Lucy with Don Maxwell at the Percom booth at COMDEX in Fall 1982.

Lucy was valedictorian at her high school. She received the Baush & Lomb science award earning a Presidential scholarship to John Brown university where she studied mathematics and English, and was editor of the yearbook.

Before Percom Lucy worked at Collins Radio and Xerox in Dallas in the accounting department.

During Percom she oversaw all accounting departments and operated as vice president and general operations manager.

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The picture below is Lucy with Don Criswell (President) and John Adel (Chairman) in a 1983 newspaper article.

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After Percom Lucy went on to ace the CPA exam and operate her own practice for 25+ years.


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