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Sleep Surgery Support Society

We're an informal group of folks who have gone through,
or are considering surgery to treat sleep apnea.

Annual Fall meetups in Sunnyvale, CA
All are welcome


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2008 Meetup Pictures


2009 Meetup Pictures


2010 Meetup Pictures


Many of us meet on the SleepNet.com forum and after years of chatting, learning
and encouraging each other, we decided to get together and meet face-to-face.

Our first meeting was Sept 12, 2008 in Sunnyvale CA at the Sheraton. I counted 19.
The meeting was such a success we have been having them yearly.

Everyone is welcome: patients, caregivers, doctors, anyone interested.


2011 Meetup Information

Check back mid-2011 for details


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There's a special connection between people who share a common experience,
especially if that experience is a battle.

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