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yGED is a free on-line GEDCOM file generator for your paternal family tree.

Many researchers avoid the trouble of creating a paternal family tree for upload to Y DNA
databases and this prevents others from making genealogical connections and breakthroughs.

yGED is here to simplify the creation of paternal GEDCOM files, and to encourge people
to upload them to the public DNA databases.

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JS Wrote: "I just created my first gedcom, and it was incredibly easy -- thanks for this extremely helpful toy for those of us who didn't yet bite the bullet and get family tree software, but want to submit DNA data. My paypal check is in the mail :-) "

LN Wrote: "Thanks Roger. I used the program and it worked great. simple and easy to use.
I wouldn't have been able to figure it out otherwise."

JJ Wrote: "Thank you, Thank you, I have tried several times to upload my family tree and have
never been successful. What a wonderful surprise to find [yGED]. "

GX Wrote: "...I can see what a fantastic resource this will be for a lot of people."



What is a GEDCOM file?

A GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) file contains family tree information. GEDCOMs are used by most genealogy software and by DNA databases. These files can be stored on your computer, sent via Email, or uploaded to websites just like any other file. Learn more about GEDCOM files.

What is a Y Chromosome DNA Study?

Male human cells contain a section of DNA called the Y chromosome. The special code of a male's Y chromosome is inherited from their Father and allows genealogy researchers to trace their paternal line The Y chromosome tends to follow the surname. Learn more about the Y chromosome.

Labs and Databases

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) is one of the major labs that provide Y chromosome testing and project management.
Y-Search.org and SMGF are a popular public databases that genealogy researchers use to share test results and connect with others. Along with DNA test results, members can upload their paternal tree in the form of a GEDCOM file to help others find connections. This is especially useful when surnames do not match. Sadly, many members do not due to the hassle - yGED makes it simple.


How To Use yGED


Enter your paternal tree in the form below - it's very simple.
Start with yourself or the most modern male in the tree.
Select a person using Next and Previous buttons, or by clicking the person in the list below the form.
Enter as much information as you'd like for each person.
Remember, this is just your paternal line - you, your Father, your Father's Father, etc.
You may also enter wives.
Only enter data you are certain of.
If a male's name is unknown, but older generations are known, use a name of Unknown, don't leave it blank.


When finished, double check your data, then click the button to Generate a GEDCOM file.


You will be shown a SAVE or FILE DOWNLOAD window.
Click SAVE and select a location such as the Desktop or a folder.
Change the file name if you wish, then click SAVE.
The file name must end with   .GED


Your paternal GEDCOM file is now saved on your computer.
DNA databases such as YSearch.org provide an option to upload a GEDCOM file for the test subject.
Every service is slightly different, so see their help pages for detailed information.

See, isn't that simple?


Enter Your Paternal Tree Here

Remember, this is only your Paternal line
First Middle Name:
ex: Robert Frank
Last Name:
ex: Smith
Birth Date:
ex: 30 Jan 1874
Birth Place:
ex: Dallas, Texas
Death Date:
ex: 25 Dec 1922
Death Place:
ex: Dallas, Texas
Only enter data you are certain of


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you do this?

Because it's needed and it's cool.

Do you store my tree, share it, or publish it?

Absolutely Not.

Can I upload a GEDCOM to start with?


Can I recover my data entry if something goes wrong?

Maybe. Try hitting the BACK button on your web-browser to get back to
this page and your data may still be there.