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Percom Time Line

9 June 2023

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Percom Time Line

1975 Nov 7 Kansas City Standard meeting

1976 Mar Percom Sole-Proprietorship formed
1976 Mar Byte article under Pronetics name
1976 CI-810 PC board copyright 1976
1976 Sep Byte ad for CI-810 Cassette Interface board
1976 Dec Byte ad for CI-810 and introduction to Li'l floppy with drawing
1976 Sales $14k

1977 Jan Byte ad for CIS-30+, no CI-812
1977 Jan CI-812 Cassette interface board for S100 bus introduced
1977 Mar Byte article by Harold and ad for Li'l floppy with picture
1977 Apr CIS-30+ introduced
1977 Nov SWTPC introduces dual floppy drive system
1977 Nov Pilon tapes introduced
1977 Nov LFD-400 drive system for SS50 bus introduced
1977 Aug Lucy quits Xerox and goes full time
1977 Late year moved to Barnes bldg
1977 Dec ads showing Barnes address
1977 Sales $91k

1978 Jan 23 Percom incorporated in Texas
1978 Jan, Feb no ad in Byte
1978 Mar Byte ad for CIS-30+, CI-812, Pilon cassettes
1978 Jul Introduced TFD drives for TRS80 model I
1978 Sales $137k

1979 Jan Super Basic for 6800 introduced
1979 Apr Electric Window SS50 video board introduced
1979 Apr SBA loan $66.5k
1979 Apr subchapter S terminated
1979 Apr Kirby bldg lease for 36 mo at $2400/mo
1979 Apr Selling 1000 Separators a month, 6300 in past year
1979 May Kirby building address appears in byte ads
1979 May Blanket PO to $1.8m for Siemens drives
1979 Jun Electric Crayon video box introduced
1979 Jun SS50 proto boards introduced
1979 Aug Data Separator introduced
1979 Nov increased ads in Byte for EXORcisor bus, SS50 prototype, TFD1000 double density
1979 Dec added Newtech 68 SS50 music board
1979 Sales $523k

1980 Apr some new ads in Byte
1980 Jun Byte mag reports Percom providing TI with drives
1980 Jul Electric Crayon appears in Byte
1980 Aug Speak-2-me-2 appears in Byte
1980 Sep Doubler in Byte
1980 Sep 700 Doublers shipped
1980 Sep Lease 1800sf on Shiloh Rd. $1080/mo 12 mo
1980 Oct 2nd SBA loan $250k
1980 Sales $1,950k

1981 Sept News Micro Peripherals got order for $2m, 10k drives from Percom.
1981 Sept Percom move to Pagemill 27k sf
1981 Oct ZFD controller for Heathkit H89 computer introduced
1981 Nov M65/50 adapter for AIM, KIM, SYM SS50 adapter introduced
1981 Dec Data separator for Atari drives introduced
1980 Sales $2,739k

1982 Feb RFD DD drives for Atari introduced
1982 Feb John Adel became 50% owner
1982 Feb IBM drives announced
1982 Feb decided to discontinue SS50 products, and Atari HD. 1982 Mar PHD hard disk news release
1982 Nov new company logo
1982 Jul Adel becomes chairman
1982 Aug Harold passed
1982 Sep 104 employees, 55 mfg, 13 R&D, 21 sales
1982 Oct Private placement document $3m
1982 Oct - 32,000 disk systems, 16k separators, 18, Doublers sold since inception
1982 Sales $3,274k

1983 Feb Percom acquires 40% of Lantech
1983 Private placement around $5m Eppler, Guerin & Turner??
1983 Apr 160 employees
1983 Sales $9.5m

1984 Mar Esprit Systems, Melville, N.Y agrees to acquire Percom
1984 Jun Decided to dissolve Xitex
1984 Jun Lucy left

1985 May Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
1985 Oct 31 Percom dissolved

2001 Alumni picnic

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